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And when producing pp, the lips will be stretched to produce y. The whole word is uttered in half a second.
Elision: Elision is the loss of a phoneme. I.e. the omission of sounds (vowel/consonant/syllable), so that the speaker can simplify the pronunciation. This usually occurs in a fast speech and is normally unintentional.
Allophone: Allophone is a phonetic variant of a phoneme in a particular language. I.e. it is one of the several speech sounds belonging to the same phoneme. A change in allophone does not alter the meaning, but rather makes the word sound non-native.
Minimal pairs enable the linguists to build up the phoneme inventory for a language or a dialect. Though the words differ by only one segment, there may be wide variations in terms of articulation. However, most minimal pairs are considerably distinct and hardly pose inconvenience to the speaker or listener.
Complementary Distribution: it is the mutually exclusive relationship between two phonetically similar segments. It exists when one segment occurs in one particular environment and the other occurring in an entirely different environment.
Example: Consider the allophones [p'] and [p]. ...Show more


Coarticulation: Coarticulation is what that ensures the smooth production of sounds. One-fifth of a second is taken for the production of a syllable. While we speak, our tongue, lips and jaw move rapidly. Our brain coordinates these movements in a way that, the movement needed to produce adjacent vowels and consonants is produced simultaneously…
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Phonology essay example
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