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The Effect of Shared Reading on Communicative Competency - Essay Example

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Learning a language has always been a great challenge. While this is a matter of creating awareness, it is also a matter of creating certain comfort level that will trigger communicative competency in that language. To be more precise, the teaching of a language can take place on the basis of the communicative approach - i.e., through reading, listening and repeating exercises that will prompt greater teacher - student interface and thus help correct any deviations on the spot…

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The Effect of Shared Reading on Communicative Competency

This will lay the structure for us to consider the nuances of shared reading in the linguistic context. (Mercer et al, 1996)
The first model is called affective filter hypothesis. We will study this model from the perspective of bilingualism. It has been assumed that every child has a first language before he or she knows it. But we must remember, there are also many homes in various parts of the world where children are brought up with a more or less equitable exposure to two and sometimes, even three languages - both in the written and spoken forms. For example, an average curriculum in India for any school includes English as well as a second language, which is more often than not Hindi (the national language), and finally a third language until the age of 13 (this is generally the regional or local language). Therefore, to study this hypothesis we must keep in mind that there are individuals who grow up with equally strong holds over two or even more languages. (Mercer et al, 1996)
To begin with this hypothesis works on the assumption that there is a filter in every individual's mind that impedes the process of the second (or third) language or L2 entering in ...
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