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Home and Public Schools

This report approves that some children lack social skills regardless of where they attend school. There are plenty of students in public schools who lacked social skills, and they were also tormented and ridiculed by the other children. Being around children everyday isn't going to help them. If anything, it hurts them because they will be dealt emotional scars that will take years to heal. Nonetheless, home-schooled children don't generally have to deal with the negative behaviors exhibited by children in large groups. Most home schooling groups are smaller in size and the children tend to play better with all ages rather than just their age level peers. Children are allowed to mature at their own speed and by the time they're exposed to large groups of children, they're more likely to be socially mature enough to handle the situations.
This essay makes a conclusion that the best schooling is not just home or public schooling, its somewhere in the gray area of the two. For each child, one may have more of one or the other; but a combination of the two is much better than just one. While public schools teach us tolerance of different views and ideas; home schooling provides us with the care we all need for certain subjects. Public schools provide students with the social aspects required to stay active and prosper in whatever community they choose to be a part of. While home schooling provides the emphasis and time required for some students to grasp complicated theories or ideas. ...
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The paper talks that home-schooling is a very effective method of educating a child. There are many arguments to counter this statement. Many believe a child being home-schooled would come to lack social skills and to fear association with others…
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