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Lifelong Learning

Article has shown how various, multifaceted aspirations have found their way into the lifelong learning arena by creating hopes and dreams for the participators.

Article says that social class is multiple, ever-evolving and argues that classed and gendered identifications are discursively constituted depending on how the discourses shape the aspirations through gendered power relations and identifications. The cultural practices and customs colour the worldview, complex social relations, and hierarchies among men. While going through educational process, men assume various masculine identities on different occasions and these identities could be traced to biographical, cultural, emotional and discursive originalities.

Through 38 men candidates from diverse backgrounds, women interviewers have gone through educational memories, histories and experience. Two categories one of home students doing university degrees and another, participators of Access to Higher Education Course and while they are all British, most had foreign origin. Result showed that candidates from disadvantaged background had raising aspirations through education, hope of social inclusion, while the second group also possessed talent and special skills. The high level of aspiration has always been prodded by racialised worldview, sometimes aggressively heterosexual. ...
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It is undeniable that lifelong learning has given way to raising aspirations. The council-conducted research on participating men students is reported in the article that shows their masculine identities in contradictory, traditional, and aspiratory lights…
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