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The Successful College Lecturer

Humanism is usually effective in cases where the learners need to use their common senses to judge problems being asked by the teacher or instructor. Among the rest of the theories that explain ethical philosophies, humanism is regarded as the best of them all when it comes to learning. Learners in their childhood stages are able to appreciate human nature, thereby giving them an opportunity to learn faster when they are in class. Humanism advocates for people to seek what they need to know by themselves as opposed to seeking them either from revelation or mysticism1. The effectiveness of this philosophy in terms of contributing to learning situations is good and need to be emphasized. It is believed that humanism allow people to think for themselves and are able to challenge any form of 'thinking' as they wish without fear
It is also referred to the 'learning perspective'. The proposition of thinking, feeling and acting are normally regarded as the 'behaviours' of that person. The behaviours one develops either by imitation or taught affect the persons learning ability. In psychology, it is said that the behaviour of a human being are related to the environment they live in and this will contribute significantly on the learning ability of the persons. Behaviourism as in the way people act, is considered the easiest way to teach people what they should do and how to do it. ...
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Humanism can be defined as the ethical philosophy that allows one to differentiate bad or good, wrong or right. Other philosophers think that humanism is a wide area and whenever you ask anyone to define it, the answer will depend on the humanist being asked…
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