Free Secondary Education in Kenya - Case Study Example

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Free Secondary Education in Kenya

ade schooling unaffordable, and pushed many children out of school and into work.
According to Damiano (2004) the current issues of transition are of great concern and it is possible to see that the large numbers of children are unable to proceed with.Obande (2007)) also states that "Just over half a million candidates sat the Kenya Certificate of Primary Examinations (KCPE) at the end of 2003, yet only 46 per cent had the chance to proceed to secondary schools.Although the number of candidates enrolling for primary level examinations has steadily risen, the number of secondary schools has ...
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This research paper seeks to explore whether the "free secondary education" in developing this case Kenya,is realistic or a mere rhetoric in the face of the political, gender and economic hurdles being faced by the country.Currently Kenya like most of its East African counterparts,barely emerging from the shackles of the colonial era and moving towards a transition of democratic regimes ,has signed the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child, committing itself to the basic education of its juveniles.According to Hellen Obande the free primary education policy was introduced in the January 2003 but she has commented …
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