Final Year Nursing Research Proposal

Research Proposal
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Competence in practice for nurses and doctors are now prescribed to be occurring as a result of interprofessional and collaborative practice in the clinical area. Literature suggests collaborative education provides better learning, but collaboration is a matter to learn.


The responses will be analysed to examine the hypothesis, and if proved, this would serve as the future model for further research.
Introduction: Active orientation and professional development while in service for nurses is a critical element of a delivery system that sets up high standards for quality of care delivery. Professional nurses are in the scenario of continuous learning, and therefore, they are responsible for their own continuing education. This generates personal and professional growths to the nurse and is a known incentive for persuasion of a higher academic degree. Continuing education is supposed to build on acquired knowledge, attitudes, and skills, where the nurse as a professional would be lifelong learners. Lifelong learning is essential to career development and competency achievement in nursing practice that builds on the scientific base for academic learning in nursing. This consists of competencies, attitude development, eye for evidence, and over all, biomedical knowledge. ...
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