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Personal statement College

I like to explain how something works and is functioned, and I feel comfortable with explaining different themes and topics to children, and they understand me very well. I always keep my cool, and I am a well organized person, so the work at school will allow me to reveal best my personal and professional traits. In addition to that, I can be a real leader if the situation demands and I like to be a leader, so I hope that teacher profession will allow me to develop my abilities and personal traits. I have a good command of content I will teach, and I like to explain it to children, as well as analyse difficulties and misunderstandings with them. I am flexible and enthusiastic, and I am sure that these features of my personality will help me in my teaching. My experience shows that I like to use a variety of different teaching strategies, and I always try to achieve maximal results utilizing them. In addition to that, I am a very imaginative person, and I hope to reveal my imagination, professional effectiveness, good ability of interacting with children, democratic character, accessibility to children and students in my future pedagogical practice. That's why I want to become a teacher.
2. My previous pedagogical experience will ensure high academic achievement for my students. ...
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1. The teacher profession differs much from many other professions. A teacher deals with children, with their educational and personal needs, and a person who intends to become a teacher should have appropriate personal and professional traits. As my experience shows, I have all the necessary skills and great desire to be a teacher…
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