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Teaching and Assessment of Reading

Effective teaching is crucial in enabling learners understand how to read and the underlying concepts behind such learning. An effective reader is a product of employed good strategies, which are not however easily recognised, unless through effective teaching. In the reading process, the learner must learn the fundamentals of reading comprehension, which serves as the key concept in reading. There is a need for the learner to grasp the context, sequence, and characters of the piece of reading material, which he/she currently engages in. This need must be ensured by the teacher in the teaching-learning process. Teaching how to read involves enabling the learner to get the clear idea of the meaning of the text alongside its theme or idea. Without the full grasp of this, the learner fails to establish a good understanding of the text, which in turn affects the meaning of why he/she does reading in the first place.
Fluency is an important aspect in teaching how to read, albeit its rather difficult task to accomplish this. ...
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This paper aims to discuss the main principles of effective practice in the teaching and assessment of reading alongside justification of perspective by reference to a broad range of appropriate reading.
There are a wide range of methods employed for the aim of improving children's reading comprehension, which usually include training the ability to self-assess comprehension, testing actively comprehension with the use of a set of questions, and by improving meta-cognition (Pakhare 2007)…
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