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Assignment example - Role of Examination in Education

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An examiner's examination result speaks of the kind of preparation the learner has gone through and his preparedness to enter another level of study. On the other hand, as an information carrier and trainer, it also identifies the teacher's know-how in developing the learner…

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Whether physically, mentally, emotionally, and even in the spiritual and financial, it plays a big part on the success of the examination.
As Physical education's primary goals include: the development of motor skills and physical fitness; and with the inclusion of growth in the cognitive and affective domains; social interaction and the encouragement to appreciate the successes and achievements of others. It is therefore, worthy to try to understand one's self and the pressures and forces which makes one respond or react, and be able to prepare for it.
Mental preparation or the kind of mind setting is important in taking an exam. A mind that is already defeated beforehand would of course produce a negative result. Worrying on whether to pass or not tends the body to get tensed and muscles tighten. The state of being of an individual before taking an exam matters for it stabilizes one's focus and concentration, and be able to filter information needed to answer most especially essay questions. An examiner is able to organise insights and ideas needed to explain or support his propositions thus, making a desirable or excellent result.
With the very nature of time that it cannot be recycled, time management is very significant to an examination result. ...
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