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Organizational Behavior High School

According to the essay findings every member of an organization from top manager down to operator needs clearly spelled out-objectives. These objectives should be derived from the goals of the business enterprise. Thus there is a need for every manager to spell out his contribution to the attainment of organizational goals in all areas of the business. The managers must understand that business results depend on balanced efforts and results of a number of business areas. The objectives of all managers at all levels and in all areas should be a key to both short range and long-range considerations. ;
As the paper discusses organizations like an organism must adopt themselves to their environment if they are to survive and grow. The pressure for such changes comes from within the organizational leadership or from some external force. A desirable form of change should be evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Good managers, therefore, must conceive of an communicate explicitly to their employees the need for a necessary change. Change is virtually the characteristic of an industrial enterprise. The rate of change in industry has increased markedly as the consequences of the scientific and technological revolution that is going on at an increasing rate. Organizational change is the number one problem of modern managers. Change is inevitable. Management of change certainly does not imply random and unplanned responses to a changing environment. ...
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This essay explores change which is a necessary way of life in most organizations. In fact, change is all around us-in the season, in social environment, and in biological processes. In the dynamic society surrounding today's organizations, the question of whether change will occur is no longer relevant…
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