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Personal Statement example - Workplace Learning and Assessing

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Personal Statement
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The mentor in nursing education will need to establish authentic relationships with students grounded in mutual trust and respect so that students gain the self-confidence to achieve their potential in learning. The humanistic paradigm offers opportunities to relate to students as mentors and role models rather than primarily as evaluators…

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Gillespie (2005) asserts that a connected student-teacher relationship is characterized by the teacher nursing with students so that students "experience self-confirmation of their existing capacities and, prompted by the example of the clinical teacher, become aware of potential capacities" (Gillespie, 2005, p. 215). When investigating student perceptions of effective and ineffective clinical instructors, Tang, Chou, and Chiang (2005) found that students perceived that the most effective clinical instructors were those having strong interpersonal relationships with students and rated "solves problems with students" as the highest rated item within that category (p. 190). This would suggest that working together with students and role modeling professional behaviors are powerful determinants of effective teaching (Tang, Chou, & Chiang, 2005, 187-192).
The term mentor is used to denote the role of a nurse, midwife, or even a health visitor who facilitates learning and assess students in the practice setting. According to Department of Health, the mentor role is to facilitate learning across pre and post registration programmes. In order to do that, the mentor must supervise, support, and guide students in institutional practice where learning happens in a clinical environment. ...
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