Medical education

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The origins of medical education can be traced back to the ancient Greece, where one of the first methods of medicine- rational inquiry was developed and is widely regarded as the basis for research of the disease and its causes.
Discussions, various interpretations and observations among Greeks entailed the establishment of one of the first medical schools in history of civilization-school on the island of Cos.


Arab schools advanced several teachings of Greek scholars and added several valuable theories of its own.
Medical education received further boost with the advance of Christianity. Such factors, as promulgation of doctrine and teaching that protected and supported sick persons, led not only to further discussions on the causes of illness, but also entailed the establishment of first institutions where sick persons were treated and their physical conditions were studied and compared. According to some historians first western European medical school was established at 9 century A.D in Italian city Salerno. By that period of time medical science had already advanced in several areas and thus examinations of the school could evaluate the competence and professionalism of graduates and first titles of "doctor" were awarded to those who graduated from the school. 1
Apart from the first steps aimed at the systemization of the medicine and registration of the practitioners, several important health precepts were also developed in the school. In that period of time medical education also developed in several Middle Eastern regions with the notable centers of Baghdad and Cairo.
By 1518 there was an imperative need in increasing ethical standards in medicine and enhancing the carriers of medical ...
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