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Essay example - Transform an Organisation into a learning organisation

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The increasing need for learning in organisations is one of the latest isms' of current management literature. Not only is the ability to learn expected to create the major source of competitive advantage age for organisations in the future (Senge, 1990), but learning itself is seen as a prerequisite for the survival of today's organisations…

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What is really meant by this definition has usually been clarified by offering a list of the various elements of a learning organisation. In other words, a learning organisation is defined via the existence of organisational conditions that favour learning per se.
NORDEF is a Defence communication provider; it began making equipment for strategic defence communications systems in Australia in 1988. The company has come a long way since initial conception, remaking itself as a major defence communication provider, a change that hasn't gone unnoticed. NORDEF was recently called the poster boy for companies making the transition into the new economy. Major changes began at NORDEF when James Plant, the company's current president and chief executive, took office in 1997. He saw that the marketplace of defence communications was shifting from a traditional line based technology to sensor to shooter, or satellite based systems. The trick was figuring out how to speed up the process of getting new products and services into the defence market so NORDEF could keep ahead of the fast-paced defence orientated procurement world. In the past, it often took as long as 10-15 years to complete a research and procured developed project to actual in-service usage.
Pedler, Burgoyne and Boydell's (1991) model of a lea ...
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