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Book Report/Review example - Business Schools

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Book Report/Review
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Many young graduates wonder whether today's top business schools really delivere cutting-edge theory and management expertise. The even question if some of business schools are purely cash cows for universities and educators alike. I this essay I would like to shed some light on main advantages, disadvantage, take a critical stance and will try to identify particular areas of praise or fault…

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The authors Crainer and Dearlove are unsure of their role or business schools and facing extreme competition, moreover, they are stating in the book that these schools must change dramatically if they are to continue to exist. By asking the hard questions these schools, the authors hope to point out the weak spots and highlight the possible scenarios, they provide an analysis and expose the business schools and their flaws, with a recommendations for directions that they should seize. Amusingly written, without excessive hype and the final chapter on directions for the future contains useful suggestions.
This book is a study of the way in which business schools have emerged from the the backwoods of academic world that they inhabited 20 years ago, into the enchanting global industry position they occupy today. The book is based on interviews with those who run, use, work for and despise business schools.
The main thesis is that business schools have lost their way as educators or contributors to the art of management, while continuing to run a profitable, though often inefficient business. ...
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