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Essay example - Language Acquisition

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4 Language acquisition commences from infancy and traverses the process of exploiting multiple probabilistic constraints over various types of linguistic and nonlinguistic information. The field of psycholinguistics is covered distinctly by two classes of studies one, pertaining to: language acquisition and the other pertaining to language processing…

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On the other hand, the focus of child language research has been on the documentation of children's knowledge states at various points in development; with very little emphasis on how they process their language. This appears to be an area needing further investigation as, logically, children need also apply a meaningful analysis to their inputs in order to learn language. That is, acquisition necessarily implies that parser. This paper examines the aspect of difficulties and limitations encountered by children in using referential information while they deploy with ease lexical information to resolve syntactic ambiguities.
5 The main emphasis of the Psycholinguistic research has been on comprehending as to how adults interpret language in real time. Several authors (Trueswell & Tanenhaus, 1991; Tanenhaus, Spivey-Knowlton, Eberhard & Sedivy, 1995;Altmann & Steedman, 1988; Britt, 1994) have uncovered ,within this domain of examination a complex and interactive language
6 processing system capable of swift and almost instantaneous coordination of linguistic characteristics of the message with contextual or scene specific information. ...
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