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Design and Technology of Curriculum

This model has spread to other countries like Australia, America, South Africa, and many more. The module for this subject is broken into segments according to the age of the pupils.
This subject has historically developed along the development of UK schools curriculum. The program had been implemented in the curriculum since the enactment of the Education Reform Act of 19898 which saw the government gain more control of what is taught in the curriculum. This was aimed at ensuring the education system became more focused ton the needs of the society and that it produced competent individual who could address these needs by the society. It has slowly been integrated in the curriculum to address the changing need in the technology world as well as the changing needs of educations in order to respond with the demands in the society. At all levels of development, design and technology has responded to various changes that had to be made in the curriculum in order to fit the changing the world. The aim of any education curriculum should be to prepare the student for their later life not only in what they learn but also in other matters of life affecting them. This is usually achieved by integration of different spheres of education in one curriculum in order to address the different spheres of life. ...
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Design and Technology has been adopted as a subject that is taught in United Kingdom national curriculum. It is designed to prepare students for the changing world of technology by giving them the basics of the technology. The model curriculum is offered in many other countries especially those in the commonwealth group who were under British rule…
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