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state with reasons the aims which you consider are relevant for present day education. What social factors are likely to influence learners' achievements of these aims - Essay Example

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state with reasons the aims which you consider are relevant for present day education. What social factors are likely to influence learners' achievements of these aims

The various aims could be identified and compartmentalized under the following heads:
1. Development of cognitive skills: When a child grows up into an adolescent and later on into an adult, it has to be gradually trained to observe and understand various things, principles and aspects of life. The environment teaches many things but if the learner is not properly trained to understand things in the proper perspective, then s/he is likely to misunderstand many principles which ultimately may have an adverse impact on the entire life. It is here that education steps in and assumes a responsible role of helping the learner to observe and understand things in the proper perspective. Under Instructional objectives in any learning exercise the " cognitive objectives assume primary significance and these comprise, i. Knowledge ii. Comprehension iii. Application iv. Analysis v. Synthesis and vi. Evaluation "2 ( Rashid,M 1999) The main perceptive skills of seeing, hearing, and feeling have to be gradually developed to a mature level of understanding to make the learner's judgment faultless and worthwhile. The various subjects he studies at school, the various exercises he is put under and the instructions given by his teachers greatly help to hone the understanding skills. ...
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Introduction: Only when each and every member of a society is continuously and systematically developed, can a society hope to integrate itself and elevate to higher levels. True education must instruct, inform, eradicate ignorance, and equip one with tangible skills and aid in sound judgment…
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