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Fundatn Stage Currculum

wll further dscuss the ssues cncernng the Fundatn Stage n educatn whch are the ssues f prmary currculum where the chldren f 4-6 years ld are educated.
The fundatn stage was ntrduced as a dstnct phase f educatn fr chldren aged 3-5 n September 2000. n preparatn, Currculum gudance fr the fundatn stage was dstrbuted n May 2000 t all schls wth nursery and receptn classes, and t early years settngs recevng nursery educatn grant fundng. Ths gudance sets ut sx areas f learnng whch frm the bass f the fundatn stage currculum. These areas are:
The sx areas f learnng cverng chldren's physcal, ntellectual, emtnal and scal develpment were gruped nt 13 categres. They shwed gaps f 12 r 13 percentage pnts between grls and bys n the persnal, scal and emtnal develpment categres, and a 12-pnt dfference n ther wrtng ablty. Each area f learnng has a set f related early learnng gals. ...Show more


The nature f the prmary schl currculum and the clmate n whch schls functn changed qute dramatcally fllwng the passng f the Educatn Refrm Act n 1988. Nt nly was the Natnal Currculum ntrduced by ths Act but schls became much mre publcly accuntable fr ther actns and fr the ways n whch they have deplyed the resurces made avalable t them; fr example, the gvernng bdy f a schl and the parents f the pupls attendng that schl were gven ncreased rghts and respnsbltes regardng the currculum…
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Fundatn Stage Currculum essay example
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