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Indigenous australians education opportunities in the current education system

Education for the indigenous Australians is a thorny issue. Indeed, career majors and focusing on a more career development education is beneficial. Career development and opportunities enhancement are key measure for introducing students to career majors in educational institutions. Many schools should therefore consider offering many career development courses that aid the centre-piece of the identified classroom activities. This should be aimed at ensuring that students acquire exposure to relevant information that will help in the development of a more cohesive career pathway in response to the market place for the indigenous Australians. These difficulties cited against the indigenous students are largely social, economic and psycho-social as well as cultural. It is therefore a challenge for education providers and policy makers in general to institute policy interventions that would favor strategy formulations that establish student’s multicultural excursions and widen acceptance framework. ...
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Education is a key component to any sound economy and the quality of educational for indigenous Australians has been under scrutiny in recent times. This has been more glaring in a number of areas including academic achievements, intake and enrolment as well as participation. …
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