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Online College versus Traditional College - Essay Example


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Online College versus Traditional College

In the fast changing dynamics of social interaction, the role of technology has become critical element that not only enhances the performance but also significantly influences the fundamental formats of social institutions like education system. Beaudoin (1998) has stressed that technology has created new platforms for making education accessible to people across the geographical boundaries. It has provided them with huge opportunities to enhance their professional competencies to survive in competitive environment. Indeed, in the current times, online education considerably improves the prospects of job for people who need to upgrade their skills and academic qualification to face the challenges of transforming socio-economic business dynamics. 2. Transforming formats of Education in current era of technology The digital revolution has provided people with vast possibilities of acquiring knowledge and gaining higher level of academic and professional excellence. Online college or distance education is a new approach which has manifold advantages. While it is beneficial for people who would otherwise, be not able to gain higher education in their chosen field due to myriad reasons, it also provides others with huge scope of widening their knowledge base as well as financial gain. Technology innovation has been the key driving force for emerging changes in the society. Thus, the use of technology to improve and improvise personal and professional competencies through online education system

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Online vs. Traditional College
Though traditional and online classes have unique advantages and limitations, many educationists affirm that the future education relies on effective integration of both methods to match the emerging demands of the education system. This paper is a critical examination of online and traditional college.
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College Rights versus Gun Rights
While student associations favoring gun rights argue that gun ban on campus may aggravate the incidence of felonies since innocent student will be left vulnerable and unprotected, proponents argue that reduced level of criminal activities like mass shootings seen in some campuses is directly the result of banning arms.
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Online Learning versus Traditional Learning
Online Learning Online learning entails undertaking distance learning with the use of electronic means like the Internet. Typically, an online learning system entails the mailing of study materials (e-mail or normal mail) and/or lectures conducted through an electronic media.
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Online Instruction versus Face to Face Instruction
The old adage of acquiring learning beyond the four walls of the classroom has gained a whole new meaning. Before the great internet boom, instruction was given inside a concrete structure that contained chairs, tables, and classmates to ogle. Today, instruction is sent over from one computer to another.
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Survival Guide for Online College
As opposed to a real library, the items in the internet cannot be retrieved by using a single catalog. Experts can only estimate the amount of individual files present in the World Wide Web. There are basic ways in finding information and conducting research on the internet.
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ComparisonContrast Essay Traditional Education (classroom college education) to online education (Distance learning for example for people in the military)
While such programs have been developing for more than a century, advancements in the Internet and other technologies have recently led to a vast expansion in distance-learning programs in the U.S. and abroad. The escalating distance-learning movement reflects an important shift in educational center of attention.
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Online college education vs traditional
The use of the Internet has impacted the lives of people in the way they do their work. The internet revolution has also affected the educational sector. There are many sites which offer online courses especially at the college level and higher. It would be rare to find a university in the U.S. that has no internet connection and reasonable technology infrastructure.
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Case Study Of Online Principles of Biology Student's Achievement, Attitude and Course Completion In Community College Non-major Biology Program
2007, community college life science courses had an attrition rate of 63%, earth science courses 48%, physical science 43%, general science 65%, and integrated science 27%. The colleges lose first-year non-major science students prior to completing their first science course
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Online vs. College Campus
Online courses and classes put the students in an awkward situation. Even though they have a feel of the education norms yet they are left out of the school decorum as well as the college campus life. The students are more dependent on computers and the use of technology rather than interacting and mingling with their mates within the college campus.
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Online courses versus Traditional courses
When assessing online courses against traditional courses; students who are taking an online course may have the opportunity to learn at their own pace, stay on track with their syllabus, and complete all educational projects or research regularly. School work can
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has been a natural outcome within the broader context of academia. It not only eliminates the barrier of time and place but also widens its scope of knowledge for people who might not be otherwise eligible to get admission in traditional education system. 3. Differences between online and traditional education The main differences between traditional and online education system is in its basic format. While the online education facilitates access to education through digital revolution and advent of internet, the traditional education highlights teaching in classrooms and enhancing its impact by using technology based teaching aids like interactive boards, multimedia etc. Another important difference is in its rigid time system which does not allow students any leeway. Online education, on the other hand has highly flexible schedule that can be adjusted to suit the needs of the students. Most important difference is perhaps in the methodology of teaching. In online education, student is free to use the best way that best complements his/ her learning capabilities. In traditional system of education, students rely on teachers for understanding their needs and requirements which often adversely impacts their academic achievements. Thus, online education is beneficial to not only people who were need to acquire higher academic qualification for better job prospects but also for people with disabilities who are unable to attain traditional schools. 4. The similarities between online and traditional education The basic similarities between the two system is in their need to propagate education and make it accessible to diverse populace. In both the education system, the students are evaluated for passing on to the next level and their examination results are published. Interestingly, assignments completion has been maintained in both the system, thereby ensuring that students are able to learn and acquire requisite knowledge that is evaluated during end of session when the students undertake and clear examinations to go the next higher class or semester. 5. Why online education has more advantages? The benefits of online education outweigh the advantages of traditional education system in many ways. Higher online education is cheaper than traditional higher education. Allen and Seaman (2007) also affirm that more students are opting for higher online education as against traditional format. The traditional educational systems and institutes often lag behind in meeting the needs of the diverse society in


In the fast changing dynamics of social interaction, the role of technology has become critical element that not only enhances the performance but also significantly influences the fundamental formats of social institutions like education system…
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Online College versus Traditional College essay example
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