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Resistance and Conflict Management

he institutional environment in an organizational and people who are involved in such conflicts try to degrade the other person or party even if it is at the expense of overall cost of the organization. Conflicts reduce productivity and discourage parties involved as their performance level cannot be at the optimal (Katz, and Kahn, 1966).
Leaders tend to avoid conflicts that occur in the organization and do not pay much attention to the conflicts (Montana, 2008). However, in avoidance strategy leaders separate the parties involved in the conflict or limit their interaction. Avoiding conflicts might lead them into bigger issues later on therefore it is important to resolve such conflicts at an early stage.
At times, leaders or top management of the organization imposes their own decision on the parties involved in the conflict by making use of their power (Montana, 2008).. Such decisions might discourage even both the parties involved in the conflict. Though, such decisions might be in the favour of parties that enjoy dominancy or which is more favourable for the leader or decision maker.
It is also one of the strategies used by leaders to resolve organizational conflict in which a resolution which might satisfies at least some part of every party involved in the conflict and therefore every party compromises on something and gains something. So, everyone would be satisfied eventually.
In this strategy leaders tend to come up with a resolution with the help of discussions which is in the best interest of one of the groups involved in the conflict but this resolution might be at the cost of other parties involved. The problem with such strategy is that the dominant group might enjoy and would be able to make the decision go in his favour thus the best possible decision for the long term success of the organization might not be taken.
As a leader, it is important to first analyze the situation and then take decision however considering the pros and cons of the ...Show more


When an argument or disagreement is caused because of opposition in the actual and perceived needs, values and interest in an organization, then it is referred to as organizational conflict (Kaye, 1994). Organizational conflicts can be categorized into different forms like there…
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Resistance and Conflict Management essay example
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