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The children are divided amongst the women depending on his or her age group. I was allowed to choose the grade level I preferred to work with and so I chose second grade. Therefore, I was assigned to tutor in Ms. Sally’s room. The children in this room ranged in age from six to nine years old.
I worked with a nine year old African American girl that I will call Kayla. Kayla is in the third grade at a Birmingham public school. When I first met Kayla, I would have never guessed that she was only nine years old. Kayla is a very bright and intelligent child. However, she craves love and attention. I immediately noticed that she had a very firm tone and wanted things done her way or no way. So, I decided to just observe her on the first day, before beginning the tutoring. This allowed me the opportunity to observe her characteristics and how well she worked with other children. I engaged in “best practices” by using data and collecting information to find a selective approach to building a partnership with her. Kayla has a very distinctive personality and used her superior strength to intimidate others. She would walk in the classroom and demand items from the other children who were intimidated by her. This led me to believe that Kayla had older siblings, family members, or friends that treated her roughly. According to Dr. Jane St. Clair, children who act out in this manner are referred to as bullies. “Bullies usually have a sense of entitlement and superiority over others, and lack compassion, impulse control and social skills. They enjoy being cruel to others and sometimes use bullying as an anger management tool, the way a normally angry person would punch a pillow” (St. Clair, n.d.). I didn’t want Kayla to think I was there to just interview her, so I carefully made conversation and asked questions that gave me enough insight on her background. For example, I told Kayla I had one sister and two brothers. This ...
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The center offers an afterschool enrichment program for the members’ children. . The program provides the children with a healthy snack, mentors and tutoring…
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