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With a focus on one particular child development theory explore and critically reflect on what this theory may look like in practice - Essay Example

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With a focus on one particular child development theory explore and critically reflect on what this theory may look like in practice

This essay will examine the theory of humanism in child development with relation to learning and education. Humanism was first developed in the 1960s by prominent authors Maslow and Rogers. Many aspects of this approach are still relevant today. In particular, this essay will consider Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as well as whether this is followed in practice and what criticism and contrasting theories exist. This theory has been applied in many different applications since its development and continues to be well used into the present day.
There are a number of different theories that examine the way in which children learn and develop in educational environments . Prominent among these are behaviourism, constructivism, cognitivism, theories of social interaction and humanistic theories. Behavioural theory is determinalistic, and believes that the learner is a passive entity that responds solely to changes in environmental stimuli. Under constructivism, learning is viewed as an active process while cognitive theories do not consider learning to be a change in behaviour, but rather a process through which new information is acquired . Humanism is an approach to learning and education that has been present since the 1960s. It was developed as a contrast to approaches such as behaviourism and cognitivism, both of which are heavily determinalistic. Humanists believe that the way in which an individual behaves is related to who they are internally, their feelings and concept of self. The approach assumes that humans are essentially good, and that growth and fulfilment are a predominant human motive. Humanism has resulted in many scientific advances in the understanding of human behaviour, and in particular, advances in professional practice .
Humanism was initially developed for education by two prominent authors in the 1960’s ...Show more


Many theories and approaches examine this with differing, often contrasting views as to what the drivers and important factors are. Knowing how children develop is important for…
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With a focus on one particular child development theory explore and critically reflect on what this theory may look like in practice essay example
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