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Teaching Reflection - Chemistry

I was able to observe their methods of teaching the science and I assisted in a number of areas to enable myself be more acquainted with what dissemination of scientific knowledge to secondary school students is all about. In my first week of my work placement, I was able to take charge of some class activities, whereby I was assigned a duty of assisting students with difficulties in chemistry (Ellison 2008, p.46).
My interactions with the teachers offered me an opportunity to learn about developing a lesson plan that is suitable for teaching science and chemistry in precision. The plan is an extremely important step, if the teacher wants to remain relevant in the classroom. Here, an instructor starts by identifying what is going to be covered in every particular lesson. Then the objectives of the lessons are determined, so that a teacher can identify the specific behaviours and capabilities that a student should exhibit after every lesson is covered (Sanderson 2002, p.23).
Most of the teacher in the school used descriptive objectives. This provides a better platform for the educator to get great feedback on his/her teaching effectiveness, and students’ progress as well. Taking time to determine what the learners already know about the subject matter would enhance the overall success of completion of a lesson.
Chemistry is relatively practical lessons, and having this in mind, teachers ensured that the necessary material and apparatus necessary to be used in a particular lesson are identified in the lesson plan in an attempt to accomplish the objectives described. These materials are highly useful in facilitating the learning process. Thus, as observed, a lesson plan increases the efficiency of teaching practice and the quality of the students’ learning time (Dorin 2002, p.29).
Varieties of teaching approaches were also evident in the school learning processes. Here I actively participated in ...Show more


According to Dingrando (2002, p.14), teaching chemistry puts an emphasis on a variety of approaches geared towards identifying goals of education that cover intended targets in the personal, intellectual, and social domains. My work placement at *, gave me an invaluable…
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Teaching Reflection Essay - Chemistry essay example
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