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Brain Supports Differentiation

The learning atmosphere should appear friendly and safe to a student, since a disturbed child tends to release such chemicals that hamper learning. Likewise, if a student will fees overstressed due to arduous curriculum or any other factor, then his brain will release excessive neurotransmitters that will inhibit learning. As opposed to this, the brain would fail to generate chemicals required for optimal learning if a child is presented with an easy curriculum.
After a series of quantitative and qualitative researches, patterns developed that reflected how differentiation variables constructively influenced student accomplishment (Subban, 2006). Not every student will achieve unless teachers themselves do not confidently believe that all students are achievers. Effective teaching should be explicit; the mind-set of teachers needs to be reformed. Practical qualitative researches demonstrated that learning style was synonymous with selection and preference. Moreover, it exposed that achievement escalated by utilizing choice charts; and a regression analysis showed that achievement accelerated by 0.007 by differentiation in reading in accordance with learning styles.
Learning style is an integral aspect of qualitative analysis in studying differentiation. Pragmatic classroom observations and discussion with teachers led to the notion that learning styles comprised the elements of choice and preference. Tomlinson and Allan define differentiation as a reply to the needs of a leaner (Tomlinson & Allan, 2000). Teachers should use differentiation in subject matter, procedure, and outcome, in the light of a student’s interest, zeal, and learning profile. Several qualitative studies like Shaughnessy (chapter IV) have concluded that selection, curiosity, and learning styles have a bearing on the motivation and preference of a student.
Another imperative question is whether student achievement is ...Show more


The results demonstrate that experience alters psychological properties of a brain and emotion plays an imperative role in the process of learning (Byrnes, 2001)…
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Brain Research Supports Differentiation essay example
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