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Lexis and Semantics

The verb Increased as used with reference to the sales of both digital and non-digital books refers to the positive change in the sales of the commodities. The adverb by, as used in the context shows the extent of increase in the sales of these commodities – which has been defined to be at 6.1 percent. The verb compared, as used in the context shows the establishment of a relationship between the sales of the commodities between the first half of 2012 – as related to the sales registered in the previous year (Goddard, 1998). In usage, the sentence, elements are used to show a comparison between the increase in sales between year 2012 and the previous year.
The adverb to, as used in relation to the sales volumes of the current year to those of the previous year, is used to show the comparative convergence between the two sales accounts of reference (Lewis, 1993).
The noun phrase, digital fiction books, as used with reference to the context of the technological takeover forms the object of the takeover – which has gone through the cited change in sales volumes, by 188 percent (Goddard, 1998). The sentence containing the noun phrase is used to imply the extent of sales increment.
Sales of physical (adjective) books (noun) held their ground, dropping by just 0.4 per cent over the same time, but concerns that the rise of the ebook (noun) will lead to the (article) death (noun phrase) of the (article) bookshop (noun) have not been dispelled.
The adjective, physical as used to describe the books in the context – is used to give a distinction between the digital and the physically tangible types of the books. The noun, books as used in the context, is used to show the position of the sales of the physical type of books as compared to the other types. The noun ebook as used in the context is used to show the shift demonstrate the shift between the different types of books ...Show more


Meaning: the verb phrase dumbing down when referring to the society, describes their action of growing less intellectual, in this case through the act of reducing the rate of reading or quitting the practice of reading – all together. The adjective popular as used with…
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Lexis and Semantics essay example
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