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Online Learning and Traditional Learning - Essay Example

As the discussion highlights a misconception is that learners who learn online do not interact with others. While they may not do it on a personal level, they do it through online correspondence like blogs and e-mails. Interaction is a vital process of learning, as everyone needs to seek the opinion of other students on the subject course. Online learning produces academically strong students with personal relation skills based on correspondence. In a traditional setting, the spirit of research is absent as students rely on recitation of one tutor to provide learning. When crowd of scholars are together in most cases, it leads to mob behavior where students misbehave. To quell them, sometimes administrators use physical reprimand, which might at times serve to discourage students learning.From this paper it is clear that technology must serve the subject matter, not the other way round. In this, it means that the online course must be set in such a way that it fulfills the demands of the students without much hustle. Learning materials available online at times have no limit and advance to levels beyond what students may require sometimes. This call for alteration of learning materials available online to suits the demand of learners. Traditional students use books, set syllabus, and so need not worry about an encounter of any materials out of their curriculum. This makes progressive learning in the tradition setting easier compared to online learning.  Traditional method is criticized

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Online Learning versus Traditional Learning
Online Learning Online learning entails undertaking distance learning with the use of electronic means like the Internet. Typically, an online learning system entails the mailing of study materials (e-mail or normal mail) and/or lectures conducted through an electronic media.
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Multiple Intelligences and Online Learning
In other words, all online learning programs that are anchored in the strength of individual’s MI potential are more likely to achieve easy success as compare to traditional e-learning strategies. In order for the learners to have the opportunity to appeal their intelligences, e-learning providers have to make the whole program interactive enough with all or some combinations of the eight (later 9) intelligences of Howard.
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Online Learning
While in its infancy, it is imperative that educators analyze current practices of on-line learning to ensure successful developments." (Temba et al. 2005. pg. 285). The current practices of online learning are totally different from traditional learning systems in terms of transparency, flexibility, classroom transaction, learning environment, use of information technology and class size.
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ComparisonContrast Essay Traditional Education (classroom college education) to online education (Distance learning for example for people in the military)
While such programs have been developing for more than a century, advancements in the Internet and other technologies have recently led to a vast expansion in distance-learning programs in the U.S. and abroad. The escalating distance-learning movement reflects an important shift in educational center of attention.
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Distace Education: Comparing traditional and online learning
Initially these were courses that a student could take at home by receiving a syllabus of material and weekly coursework assignments in the mail. (Barket &
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Blended learning: Traditional face-to-face and online assessment in higher learning in private institutions
ICTs appear to challenge traditional assumptions of college-level studies, by offering “new and different ways of producing, distributing and consuming higher education” (Orton-Johnson, 2008: 1). There is an
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Compare my experience in taking an online course versus that of a traditional classroom course
To me, though, learning is something more than the information I’ve been given. It includes my ability to remember the lessons, but also my ability to think about this
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Online learning vs. traditional in class learning
But as the online learning is gaining a place in the education industry, people are starting to wonder which method of learning is better. Although both online learning and traditional classroom learning aim to educate
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Online Learning VS traditional learning
However, online learning shifts the focus of instruction from the passive transfer of facts to the active application of ideas to new problems (Ertmer and Newby 51) where the learner produces their own unique reality (Jonassen 29).
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Collaborative online learning
Learners in collaborative online learning environments work among team or as group members in order to enhance their performance, and to
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for supporting teaching and not learning. It is mostly centered on the tutor instead of the student.
Performance in a traditional setting has also constantly come under sharp criticism. Students that fail to appear for exams and fail to hand in their work fail. Their failing does not prove that they did not know. Some students may pass and hand in their assignment, yet they do not understand what they are submitting. Rank or a few numbers in the form of marks determine student results. In an online setting, however, students get a detailed feedback from teachers based on evaluation of the students work. Comparison of students in different levels to award rank is impossible as each student learns based on his own program and time. Online students learn motivated by a certain purpose while the traditional setting is progressive based. Students learn to later specialize at an advanced level. General learning critics think it is a waste of time and education should be based on a reason (Dray et al, 2011).
These both systems require student responsibility. Students in online learning have to schedule themselves but have a more flexible system as they can access their classes anytime. Responsibility is only needed in ensuring that they do attend the class as they determine when they have to. In a traditional se


This paper will focus on how both traditional and online courses are premeditated to convey same outcome, yet the difference of the two learning modes contribute diverse learning processes. Online learning is a form of study set where learners combine the use electronically means. …
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Online Learning and Traditional Learning essay example
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