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Learning is a process of acquiring, reinforcing, or modifying the existing knowledge, skills, behaviors, values or preferences, and this involves synthesizing information of different types. The paper will elaborate on how learning takes place, the different forms of learning…

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Formal learning take place in institutions where there is an organized and structured program for instruction that is approved formally and it can lead to attainment of qualifications, for example, a diploma, degree or a certificate. The other experience in learning is non-formal learning, which either takes place in a training institution or outside a learning institution. Here, learning is not aimed at giving qualifications and is not usually evaluated. Finally, learning can occur in an informal way. In this form of learning, learning occurs in an informal setting like in a family or when in a work environment, in this form of learning no instructor is needed learning takes place naturally.
In learning, process the teacher, acts as a facilitator: he asks open-ended questions, leads in discussions, guides students as they are performing tasks and make the learners participate actively in class. The teacher should also act as a motivator in the learning processes. This is because; as much as the content he is providing to the student might be hard, he should always try to simplify it for easy understanding (Szwejczewski 64). As a teacher, one should always provide a good learning environment for students, the slow learners, the fast learners, and those who are interested in co-curricular activities.
In everything, that a teacher does in class it should be based on meeting the needs of the diverse student population. Even though students are taught in the same learning conditions, they tend to have different experiences. The difference that these students reflect is due to a number of reasons, such as their different culture, religion, language, sexual orientation, social economic status, geographical area, race, and gender. There are some students, whose culture does not value education especially in a girl child. Others have a different experience due to their socio-economic status. Those from poor ...
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