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Child Psychology: - Case Study Example

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Child Psychology:

From her responses to her mother I understood that she was a French; and as per the school rules, she must speak English other than her mother tongue. Her independent behavior at an early stage impressed me and I interacted with her mother to know more about her. She was the only child of the couple whose father worked in an office while the mother was a part-time call center executive. Both her parents were well educated and the influence of their rich cultural exposure reflected in the child’s approach to new people – more noticeably, she was not shy at responding to my questions at all. During the subsequent days of school visits, her mother and I happened to talk to each other more affectionately and gradually became friends. From her details, I could understand that the child had a specific isolation from her parents during the third and fourth years after her birth due to the constraints of their jobs. It was only for a year that she started giving time for the child. Though the child had a perfect temperament, I could observe some frequent disinterest and a general disgust she experienced from mingling with the peer group. Sometimes, her mother had to tell me how teachers felt difficult to seat her constantly in the class. According to Logsdon, the perfectness of gross motor development is reflected in the positive and successful response of a child to the conditions that demand it to initiate impulsive physical movements. The development of a child during the four-five years of age makes it respond well to the imitations and identification needs; and as a result of it, it starts drawing pictures and writing alphabet with a cognitive ability to retain the order of letters and numbers in a sequence. From the physical angle, the child was normal and had fine prospects of all motor developmental requirements like the ability to jump, run, chase or reach distances etc. But the negative trend was found at academic and memory levels. The child was generally pleasant and never exhibited any sign of an obstacle in its personal or emotional development except for its choice for being alone. When my curiosity increased beyond resistance, I once asked her teacher about her cognitive and behavioral traits, and the response was not pleasing. As for that day, I think, that the mother had no problem with the mild disorder in the child’s behavior; and that must be the reason she had not wanted to have any special educational service for the child. The inappropriate response of the child to the learning process is a concern for evaluation of the teaching models exercised in the classroom. Children at their primary learning stages require continuous observation and attention of teachers and parents. According to a research report, “Piaget believed that appropriately planned learning experiences encourage children to explore and experiment at their own levels in environments where they can use objects to construct relationships and understandings” (qtd in “Early childhood…”). The cognitive delay and its impacts on learning process experienced by the child is a general condition in many children. A mixture of complex choices also diverts children from socializing with peer groups. Though this condition is considered by parents as the disinterest of the child, psychiatrists view this as a diversion in the ...Show more


­­(Add (Add (Add Date) Child Psychology: Case Study It was on the reopening day of my daughter’s school that I first happened to observe the behavior of a girl of 4-5 years old, similar to my daughter’s age. She was very normal in the general responses but for the little confusing expressions she made to the children telling her something…
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Child Psychology: Case Study essay example
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