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Is the World More Depressed

Thus, the social comparison, which has been brought about by increased access to information about other people, must have highly contributed to the global trend of rise in depression.
The major argument of the article is that the process of urbanization and the advancement in technology are major causes of increased depression globally. This is because, with urbanization, comes fractured families, increased use of drugs and alcohol, as well as poverty, all of which are risk factors for depression (Luhrmann, n.p.). On the other hand, technological advancement has increased access to information about other people especially through social media, causing people to compare their lives with those of others, and thus becoming depressed (Luhrmann, n.p.).
The author has a bias for India as the country she has visited frequently, and understands its situation more than elsewhere globally. Thus she uses it as the predominant example of increased depression, while the situation could be even worse elsewhere.
The strength of the article is that, it has applied the backing of various scientific studies from different parts of the world to back the argument. The weakness is that the author has less exposure to the conditions of the rest of the world in relation to depression, thus paints India as the most affected country.
Luhrmann, T. M. ‘Is the World More Depressed?’ The New York Times, March 24, 2014. Retrieved March 28, 2014 from ...Show more


There is a seemingly increased rate of depression globally, and the condition is poised to increase in the near future, to rank as the world’s second most rampant medical condition by 2020 (Luhrmann, n.p.). The most likely factor that can account for the increased rate of…
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Is the World More Depressed essay example
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