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The Child's Develompent - Essay Example

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Healthy cognitive is significantly influenced by human relationship (Engler 2008, p. 90). The intimate relationship expressed to a child from conception to adulthood has an influence on child’s mental and physical development. Biologically, child A felt protected since he was strongly attached to his mother. Child A also portrayed qualities of a self esteemed persons in the way he responded to class questions. This was because of the authoritative nature of parenting. His mother was very strict hence making the child develops self confidence. According to Engler (2008, p. 89), adequate attachment between a child and parents enhances development of self esteem and identity in a child. It also leads to cognitive and social development in a child. Proper attachment between child A and his mother facilitated the child’s cognitive development. It also leads to self confidence development. From my observation, I noted that, child A had self confidence which was facilitated by adequate attachment with his mother. Additionally, the concrete attachment which existed between child A and his mother enabled the child to develop the capability for logical thinking, ability for self confidence, capability of trusting each other, and the ability to develop trust to other children. According to cognitive development theory, concrete interaction between children and parent or peer group influences the child cognitive development. In the case under study, warmth relationship between child A and his parent contributed significantly to the child cognitive development (Engler, 2008, p. 90). Social and emotional development Observation After observing his class activities, I later followed the child to his home in the afternoon to assess his social...
This paper stresses that parenting significantly influenced child A social and emotional development. Emotionally, parenting helps in the development of characters such as warmth and responsiveness. From the case under study, it is clear that adequate maternal parenting helped child A in understanding his peers’ emotional reactions. Child A understood his actions in football games were not pleasing some of his friends. On the other hand, the child had a strong love and feelings to his family members. Socially, the nature of parenting influences child morals. When child A used inappropriate language, his mother and sister condemned him. According to the behaviorist theory, children tend to behave in accordance to those who satisfy them psychologically. In this case, the child A mother greatly influenced the child moral development. Some of the common moral stages include pre-social, heteronymous, and autonomous stage.
This report makes a conclusion that there are different types of learners. Cognitive development is significantly influenced by the type of a learner an individual is. On the other hand, people learn using different methods. The method applied in learning depends on individual’s cognitive ability and other social factors. Additionally, social, emotional, and personal developments are very imperative for child health development. The manner in which an individual thinks respond to challenges, and learn is influenced by past experiences. ...Show more


The aim of my study is to observe and analyze cognitive, language, social and emotional development of a seven years old child. The essay will also provide evidence and theories to support my evaluation and analysis. It's a case study in cognitive, language, social and emotional development in a seven years old child…
Author : lucie36
The Childs Develompent essay example
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