Describe in DETAIL the A-B-C-D-E therapeutic approach of REBT - Essay Example

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Describe in DETAIL the A-B-C-D-E therapeutic approach of REBT

The thesis below will discuss the A-B-C-D-E therapeutic approach of REBT in details.
Ellis formulated the therapeutic approach method to help solve psychological problems easily. The core method is used in the first and the subsequent sessions where the therapist explains each session. Letter A in the sequence is the activation event that elicits stress or worry. The worries caused by bad performance at work, lack of confidence that propels the victim to a counselor. B represents the belief system. There are two types of beliefs rational and irrational (Sharf, 2011). Irrational behaviors are exaggerated and leads to disturbed feeling that do not help victims reach their goals. However, it is important to identify irrational behaviors early so that they can be solved.
C stands for consequences of the irrational behavior (Sharf, 2011). People with negative thoughts may repeat these thoughts creating a condition known as rumination that acts like self-programming trigger. People with the repeated negative thinking may seclude themselves hence the need for such to replace the irrational thinking with positive thoughts that can make one to address problems reasonably (Sharf, 2011). D represents disputing irrational behaviors. Therapists must challenge the client belief directly. This way, the client can substitute negative thinking with more realistic ways of solving problems. E represents the client’s way of interpreting the situation. If the treatment is effective, the client loses the pessimism, anxiety, distress, and starts focusing on practical ways to solve problems (Sharf, 2011). The clients resume into their normal self and starts making reachable ...Show more


Rational Emotional Behavior Therapy popularly known as REBT is a psychological treatment that deals with the emotional and behavioral aspects of human beings. Therapists focus more on human thoughts conscious and unconscious evaluations, interpretations and philosophies…
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Describe in DETAIL the A-B-C-D-E therapeutic approach of REBT essay example
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