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Blended and e-learning environment - Essay Example


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Blended and e-learning environment

The author’s definition of learning styles establishes a basis for the discussion and the need for educators to have sufficient background information about their learners’ potentials, for effective learning. Description of blended and e-learning environment, in which face-to-face interaction lacks, identifies the need for an even better understanding of students’ potentials to ensure effective learning for all members of a class. I also agree with the position that understanding characteristics online instruction approaches and strengths and weakness of each approach is necessary and this is because understanding the features improves an instructor’s potentials in applying an approach. Similarly, an understanding of benefits and limitation of each instruction strategy, integrated with an understanding of learners’ learning skills, helps an instructor to align applied methods to learners’ abilities for effective learning. The integrated knowledge can also help an instructor to balance between applicable online instructions in order to manage associated weaknesses. I also concur with the proposition that online educators are content facilitators and not just content deliverers. This is because the wider role is consistent with results from empirical studies that have recommended responsibilities such as “process facilitator, content facilitator, assessor, manager-administrator, and technologist,” among other roles (Kats, 2013, p. 254).

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I agree with points that Ron Wash offer on blended and e-learning environment, features of the environment, and possible strategies for facilitating learning in the classes. The author’s definition of learning styles establishes a basis for the discussion and the need for educators to have sufficient background information about their learners’ potentials, for effective learning. …
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Blended and e-learning environment essay example
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