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As a teacher, I am more inclined to play the role of a facilitator of learning rather than just a mere source of information. As a facilitator of learning, students will have an active role in learning and therefore are more engaged in the learning process than just a passive recipient of information. I also like to present learning materials in interesting ways to engage the students. I tailor them and vary my teaching style depending on the student’s learning preference. I also wanted to be viewed as approachable by my students so that they will not hesitate to ask questions when something needs to be clarified about the lessons. Being approachable also encourages students to ask for help when they need it making the learning process easier for them. I endeavor to become an approachable teacher because I believe that students will learn better in an open and positive setting where they feel respected by their peers and instructors. I will also vary my teaching method depending on the learning preference of a student. For students who are visual, I will use more pictures and other visual aid. For those who are body kinesthetic, role playing will work will with them.
I can also easily adapt to cultural differences because I was trained early on how to adjust with a different culture and native language Spanish being my primary language. This puts me in a better position to understand students whose primary language is not English.
I am also aware that in today’s complex world, academic aptitude alone will not suffice to make a student successful. There are other intangible traits that must be learned by students as practiced in the real world such as creativity, team work, resiliency, people skills all of which are soft skills which are equally important for a student to succeed. These traits are based on ...Show more


According to University of Texas (2012), the core teaching philosophy is the realization of the goal of teaching itself – that is to foster learning. Learning by itself is multi-faceted where each student differs on how they can best learn. Each method and setting can either…
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Teaching Philosophy essay example
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