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assignment-552 4

al., 2004). Additionally, the leniency that has been extended with respect to employment of teachers and how they conduct their personal lives matters a lot in determining their effectiveness. Teachers need to know that they are role models and learn how to carry out themselves in the face of the public. That can be exemplified by code of dressing, which should be professional in this case. What more, teachers are also expected to work within the scope of employment in order to be protected by the Tort law (Bosher et. al., 2004).
Far from teachers’ life, teachers are expected to take care of the learners by keenly monitoring their movements and offering amicable support ranging from physical to emotional to ensure the safety of all learners.
In conclusion, teachers have a responsibility of transforming learners into responsible citizens. To achieve this, setting up rules to regulate the conduct of the learners and teachers in this jurisdictional platform is their moral obligation and lest that is done, the educational goal may not be ...
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That equation is fairly balanced when the person in question: the teacher, who has kept in contact with the expected cord of conduct and has demonstrated an outstanding profile to both…
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