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Annotated Bibliography example - Globalization ,development and sustainability from education course

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Annotated Bibliography
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The argument is also deductive in that the information moves from a general point of view to a more specific perspective. The author similarly employs…

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The study tends to provide a reason as to why the education system is an important aspect of the society. The study establishes that the education system over time will tend to interconnect the world. As a consequence, globalization will lead to development and sustainability. The world view process will shadow the view of nations and countries as units.
The book puts forward that the human population is not living in a way that will ensure sustainability. According to the author, the global inequalities and war are interfering with the development of the globe in the short run and its sustainability in the long run. The study explains that in order to ensure sustainability, the apprehension of the spiritual values is important. In addition, the change in values that are conventional, the change in the prevailing economic structures plus the transformation in the current social arrangements will be crucial in creating a significant impact. The book provides several agents that can be of help in the quest. The creation of an awareness program, the use of the spiritual communities and the Transnational organizations are some of the crucial factors. However, the education institution is the only avenue that makes sure that the entire transitions come to pass. However, the changes that accrue to the globalization process are progressive. The transition begins with a change in the education system, then the change in culture, then the globalization process and later on becomes the sustainability aspect.
The author mostly uses secondary data to give a basis to the conclusions therein. The author also creates a sense in the readings through the use of existing challenges that face the earth. The book also tends to create the notion of a therapy through the provision of the solutions form the problems that are ailing the globe. Similarly, the author provides references for his findings in order to support ...
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