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Community Relations & Media Relationships - Essay Example


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Community Relations & Media Relationships

On the other hand, public relations involve a system, through which organizations or companies and individuals enhance their reputations, following assistance from professionals in the field of public relations. Sometimes, companies, organizations, or even individuals, would hire public relations firms, to carry out their task of creating a good reputation at a stipulated cost. This is all done with a view of creating a good image for the company, organization or the individuals, wishing to improve their public image. This means that community relations and public relations are different, in that community relations, employs a mutual relationship, while public relations is not mutual, since companies or organizations only try to build better their image to the public. Question two Principals can identify and analyze the relevant public using various tools, including the media and social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and YouTube. These media could be used to get information of various groups, which are linked or connected to the organization. Social networks are currently the best tools that organizations use to reach their audience. However, information from friends and successful clients, could be used to attract new members of public (Kowalski, 2010). The major problem is for the organization to analyze its relevance. Social networks seem to be the best. Data from existing national body of statistics could also be used, which gives more detailed information for the

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Community Relations & Media Relationships
Community relations activities are practiced with the involvement of the community or citizens. While the institution concerned does not abdicate its responsibility to the citizens, the input of the citizens is accommodated in arriving at the decision made concerning the issue at hand.
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Community Relations and Media Relationship Case Study
The manner in which such information is disseminated should be consistent, credible and positive. In this case, there is need for a proper and direct coordination with the individuals that are responsible for the production of the mass media features. The way media handles issues that deem sensitive matters a great deal.
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Social Media & Public Relations
As a result, other leading companies and organizations followed the enormous success of the political strategy of Obama as it is the work of Public Relations. With the advent of technology comes the rebirth of public relations. When Web 2.0 prompted the introduction of Social Media, so as the evolution and rise of PR 2.0 which allows the use of multimedia to enhance and improve the way public relations is conducted by the practitioners.
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Police and Community Relations
There are various sociological perspectives from which the relations between the police and the community can be viewed. The service that the police renders is looked upon as a community service where the activities of the police go beyond the borders of implementing law properly and maintaining order in the society and also includes activities that accentuate the welfare of the community (Palmiotto & Unnithan, 2011).
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The Role of Social Media in Managing Customer Relationships
According to the paper customer Relationship Management is not a new concept. It is major part of the customer centric concept management.The varied CRM techniques will be highlighted and its significance while promoting the products, services through social media marketing will be also analyzed. Finally, the study will deal with the critical analysis, my opinion and the key aspects of the CRM in the usage of social marketing.
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Media Relations
Literary bureaus were developed to contrive such items, and by the early 20th century, publicity agents, often former journalists, abounded in New York and in other large cities. This activity was an important element in the evolution of public relations and continues in modern-day press agentry and the promotion of special events.
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Globalisation and Mass Media (Media Relations)
Development or modernization was defined as " the process of change toward those types of social, economic and political systems that have developed in Western Europe and North America from the seventeenth century to the nineteenth and have thus spread to other European countries and in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to the South American, Asian and African continents * (Eisenstadt 1).
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Community Relations & Media Relationships
t abdicate its responsibility to the citizens, the input of the citizens is accommodated in arriving at the decision made concerning the issue at hand. Public relations activities on the other hand have very minimal or no public participation, with the citizens receiving
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Community Relations & Media Relationships
Kowalski (2010) presents various points that are pivotal in addressing this subject. Media relations occur when one works with a number of media with intentions of giving out information to the public concerning the policies, mission, and
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Media Relations
Accessibility to these sites is so easy, and most clients do access the sites several times in a day. Additionally, there is an increase in the number of a young generation seeking
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organization, to analyze the relevant public. The internet is also available, and offers the best search engine, that is able to reach a very large and diverse audience. Question three Principals could influence the development of community relations, through various ways, including the efforts of the organization and the use of media news release, announcements, and trade events or social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, and MySpace. However, having in mind that, community relations has to be beneficial to both sides, that is, the organization and the communities; principals can employ relations strategies that improve the well-being of the communities (Kowalski, 2010). This can also involve their support to programs improving the life of the community, which includes the prevention of crime, offering employment, initiating environmental programs such as clean-up activities, beautification, and recycling. Influencing community relations by principals would also involve scholarship programs, various children activities, community organizations, various renewal projects, educational programs, as well as construction projects. Through these achievements, community relations would be developed, and the organization will improve on its reputation and good will as part of its long-term benefits. Question four Any media relations plan would include elements like objectives for the media plan or publicity, which involves the way of designing the relations campaign, whether it is on public relations or community relations. The design could be aimed at establishing expertise among peers, the press, or event to any potential clients and customers; building a good image as well as improving the organization’s position in the community, while mitigating the impact of any negative publicity (Kowalski, 2010). After the objectives are defined, the goals have to be defined, which should be specific, measurable and result oriented. The target audience is also critical, and includes groups that the organization wants to


Community Relations & Media Relationships Name: Institution: Question one Community relations involve various methods used by companies or organizations, in establishing and maintaining a mutual relationship with the communities or stakeholders they work with…
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Community Relations & Media Relationships essay example
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