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Historical Educational Theorists Letter

Indeed, this is a serious concern that can affect any school system, for this reason; there are certain steps that need to be taken into consideration by your administration to restore the system to its full functioning.
It is important to understand that the process of real education only happens through the stimulation process of a child’s powers, these often comes about because of social demands that the individual child finds himself in. By interacting with these societal demands, a learner is inspired to act in a way that portrays him as a member of that community. In my perspective, “I believe that in the ideal school, we have the reconciliation of the individualistic and the institutional ideals” (Dewey, 2013), therefore, you need to outline clearly these separate ideals.
In this way, the learner finally graduates to become a useful and reliable member of the school and community. In my view, “I believe that the child should be stimulated and controlled in his work through the life of the community” (Dewey, 2013), and not being forced to conform to the system that is set.
Therefore, what exactly needs to be done? I would prefer that you play the leading role as a leader of the institution to create an environment in which learners can know how to interact with various systems in the school. In this case, create core values that the administration and school community can uphold, they should be values that facilitate proper communication, respect, love and excellence among others. Through these needs, learners will find themselves with the urge to behave in certain ways that are in line with the core values set.
Keep in mind that the school is a social community where learners, teachers and other stakeholders play a crucial role in shaping the values of a child for life. The management problems and the poor relationship that exists in your institution can be due to lack of proper awareness about the ...Show more


I give my sincere appreciation for the chance you gave me to visit your schools and see how you are progressing.
Regarding your concern about the performance of your school…
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Historical Educational Theorists Letter essay example
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