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According to the author, the term emergent bilingualism associates with a development process among the learners, and it is likely to motivate them to be efficient in learning English. In addition, referring to the children as second language learners creates an impression that they are, and may always be, inferior to native speakers. Garcia’s explanation of the basis of the American classification of limited English learners also explains the classification’s discriminative scope that could lead to stigmatization. Using the term emergent bilingualism is therefore better for psychological and social well being of the non-native children (Garcia, 2009, page 322, Line 18- 29, Page 323, Line 1- 16).
The concept of emergent bilingualism is also significant to educators, whose objective is to promote learning outcomes. In using the concept, educators will be focusing on positive aspects of the students’ language background and appreciating the student’s native language could also help them to understand English and even improve their proficiency. Bentham & Hutchins (2012, Page 22, Line, 1-4) argues that children are the target of learning and therefore define their learning environment and things that motivate them. Creating a negative attitude among children, by calling then second language learners or limited English proficient students will therefore promote an environment of negative attitude and lack of motivation. A transition to the concept of emerging bilingualism will therefore help teachers to facilitate students’ performance. Similarly, the concept is likely to promote a positive approach to policy making by focusing on the students’ strengths instead of weakness (Garcia, 2009, Page 323, Line 1-4). I also agree with Garcia’s opinion that bilingualism will be an important aspect of the society (Garcia, 2009, Page 325, Line 14-17), and this is because of the increasing wave of ...Show more


I concur with the author’s perspective that failure to recognize the concept of emergent bilingualism is discriminatory and unhealthy. In expressing my opinion, I explore significance of the…
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R#4 essay example
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