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Field Experience - Essay Example


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Field Experience

(“Tennessee Internal School Uniform Accounting Policy Manual”, 2011, p.12) This kind of training is essential for them to take up the responsibility and have smooth and effective results. Role of Principal for training the new school bookkeeper and presenting a refresher course for the system’s personnel It would be ideal to give them training before the academic year commences as it help them to have a clear understanding and execute the work from the beginning. The training shall begin with the basic concepts of bookkeeping like the accounting, Inventory, Payroll, and Cash that provides the basic foundation and help them to understand how this is related with the school accounting. (“Bean Counter's Free Accounting & Bookkeeping Tutorial Site”, n.d.) It is good to have the knowledge of computer usage prior and have the access ready as once the training starts they can look for the data and work as per the requirement. They need to understand that there two kinds of funds available to schools. One would be the Budget funds which is also called County or District funds which are allocated by the State or Federal government. It can be the textbooks supplies, project supplies, administrative supplies and so forth. This money has to be spent first. And the second would be the internal accounts and these funds are in the form of donations, fund raising and cash received. It is also the funds that are collected from the students in the form of fees. It is important to set up folder for each budget

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Field Experience Observation Report
This encompasses the variety of students in the class, and everyone can relate to it; also, it provides a holistic approach to an aspect even if there isn’t diversity in the classroom because there is diversity in the world and the world is becoming an increasingly globalized place.
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Field Experience Observation Report
Therefore, students need to engage themselves in certain practices during the learning process so as to enhance their understanding. In this classroom, I have observed students using self explanations during their studies. This method involves talk-aloud protocols that students use during studying and when they participate in problem solving (Bassok, 2009).
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Field Experience
When a conflict is handled effectively, it creates a good learning experience, if handled ineffectively, it can progress to physical violence with traumatic emotional repercussions. Conflict management skills are therefore important to empower individuals, both students and teachers, to take responsibility for their own conflicts and for their resolution (Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution & Conflict Management, n.d.).
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Since this is a competitive world where work related procedures are appreciated more than mere knowledge, I wish to have apt field experience so that this could help me further develop my skills and provide a solid basis of the education
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??Prep” by Curtis Sittenfeld proposes that “… we are rooting for every high school student who’s ever wanted to belong.” (Sittenfeld, p.3) The reader of this novel is expected to identify with the outsider, the student who is not popular, and who spends her teenage
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Field Experience #5 Policy
on philosophy, the activity is meant to create a channel of growth for practicing teachers where performance is improved through competency, instructional skills, communication and entire compliance with the law. Evaluation has had its own issues and resistances especially from
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Final Field Experience Summative Report
Barberton City School strives to provide the best attention to students as they believe this is the only way to ensure students leap the most from their instructors. This is well illustrated by their motto, i.e. “to serve every child
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But theory alone is never enough during art, as it requires experiential learning too. In this vein, therefore, I applied for and received an opportunity for an internship at the University gallery at Kent. Apart from providing me with a plethora of
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The role of an Assistant Manager is to work as part of the restaurant management team. In this post one directs plans and coordinates the operations of the organization while adhering to the operations standards of the restaurant. As an assistant manager, I learnt to embrace the culture of the company.
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Field Experience
I have personally had an experience in the ESOL field as a student. I am glad to share the ESOL report detailing the experience I had while studying the language. As mentioned earlier, ESOL is structured language that basically benefits the students whose
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account so that when annual audit of the books occurs it would be easier to comprehend. (“School Bookkeeper’s Handbook”, 2008) The training has to be stressed upon the disbursements and the school expenditures. The trainees have to get familiarized with the ‘payment request form’ that contains the information such as date, Originator’s signature, and payable to, estimated amount of purchase, brief explanation and the account name and the Principal’s signature so that upon determining these factors, the school personnel can sanction the funds after verifying the details. (“Receipting”, 2008)The bookkeeper has to keep this form and tally with the exact expenditure once the original receipt comes. If it is less than the approved amount, then it can be changed and fewer amounts can be mentioned. If it is more, then it has to be approved by the Principal .Then they can do the changes accordingly. There are potential errors that may happen in times of paychecks and they need to maintain the records of the attendance record, time sheets signed by the employees, so that the payroll clerk can compute payroll without any errors. This has to be updated in the journal accordingly. There are other expenses that can be in the form of library, stationery and so forth that are checked and they need to be updated. (“School Bookkeeper’s Handbook”, 2008) Once they are proficient with the data collection and how to keep track of the expenses and income they can update it on a regular basis in the ledger account. The main stage is the bank reconciliation process .They need to know how to balance bank statements every month and submit Quarterly reports to the Finance department. (Muchira, n.d.) There are posting interest to account which is the most common reason for deposit balance errors and this has to be rectified once


Field Experience 3 Name University Name Teacher Class Date Bookkeeping is the process of keeping track of the business financial transactions. (Gartenstein, n.d.) As a bookkeeper the person is responsible for the financial administration. They compute, classify record and verify numerical data in order to develop and maintain accurate financial records…
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Field Experience Essay essay example
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