Applied Ethics

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Codes of ethics give leaders the ability to lead by focusing on ethical principles. Ethics keep the leader mindful of others and their pursuit of excellence. As a result, the leader is…


The responsibility of educators is to ensure that they have the highest standards of conducts. Social justice is facilitated when educators abide by the codes of ethics.
The code of ethics that offers practical advice that would help me to make ethical decisions states is the School Ethics Act (State Of New Jersey Department Of Education, 2010). It states that public trust is a fundamental issue. Consequently, one should endeavor to enforce and uphold all rules, laws and regulations of the State Board of Education. The code provides a set of principles and values that will guide my conduct and decision making when I face with ethical issues (State Of New Jersey Department Of Education, 2010). In addition, the application of the code gives a context in which the code is considered.
The situation that could have a better outcome if I had adhered to a professional code of ethics is an instance when I received a gift from a state education officer, but failed to disclose the gift to the department head (Felicio & Pieniadz, 1999). This situation led to accusations of bribery. If I had adhered to a professional code, I would have disclosed the gift to a state officer. This would help in reducing notions that the gift was a ...
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