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However, the period between completing high school and joining university gave me enormous insight into what I really wanted, which was to learn. The actual choice of my college hinged on its ability to land me in an environment in which I developed communication and interpersonal relations, and learnt at the same time. The experience was fulfilling.
I graduated with a 2:1 from college, but I feel that I was a first-class student and should have graduated with first-class honors. As referenced in question one, I viewed college as a place to interact and learn, but after joining I indulged myself too much and my grades suffered. My only exemplary year was as a sophomore, but the rest of the years I underachieved. I also missed out on a lot of placements due to misplaced priorities while in my senior year. In summary, my life was not balanced. If I had an opportunity I would:
I would run for student leadership positions; I would work towards improving the relationship between students and faculty; and I would engage in social and volunteer work as part of my contribution to the surrounding community.
For me, there is no better feeling than helping students overcome the very same challenges I faced in college and either failed to triumph over, or emerged from heavily-scathed. I imagine freshmen and sophomore students struggling to balance their class work with their social life and I saw myself. Being a practical person, this was a chance for me to steer young people to the right direction and create confident, successful individuals.
I joined as a tutor and graduated to a lecturer a year after completing my masters. Two years after getting my post-graduate diploma, I was promoted to a senior lecturer. I am now an assistant professor and still on course to become a full professor by 40.
I was the chairperson of the journalism club, vice-chairperson of the student’s union and secretary of the exchange students association. I am currently a member of the ...Show more


I believed that my undergraduate college would put me in a position where I would be able to interact with people on a regular basis and learn from them. I am a dynamic and social person who wants to learn all the time, and I knew there was no better place than college (Kim 27)…
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Paper2 essay example
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