The connection between theories and child development at Kindergarten age - Research Paper Example

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The connection between theories and child development at Kindergarten age

These changes include; how children are growing, how they are moving, and how they are identifying their environment (Wadsworth, & Wadsworth, 1984). The cognitive development domain of childhood development relates to the mental development processes such as language development, memory development, and problem solving capability that children often use in order to acquire and use knowledge. Finally, the emotional and social development domain of childhood development focuses on how children learn to handle associations with others, as well as comprehend of their own emotional states (Wadsworth, & Wadsworth, 1984).
During the kindergarten years of children, their bodies undergo continuous and dramatic changes. The changes are not only an issue of growing taller and gaining but also entail multifaceted series of changes in body composition, proportion, and motor development especially at the kindergarten (State Department of Early Learning, 2012). Physical and motor development often takes place alongside relatively predictable sequences from simple to more complexes (Salkind, 2002).
During the kindergarten age, children develop motor skills concerning great share of their bodies and then progress to abilities using precise body parts. For example, they grip objects by holding them between their fingers and palm before using the thumb and index finger in a more refined gripper grasp (Salkind, 2002). During the kindergarten age, children often learn about health practices that could affect their health and consequently and usually set patterns for their lives. Adult molding and dialogue about good hygienic practices assist in equipping children at this age with the awareness and skills to flourish physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially. It also assists young children in meeting the tests of growing up while understanding the importance of safety, good hygiene, disease prevention, the right medical care (Salkind, 2002).
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The childhood development at the kindergarten age period can be defined as a set of theories, ideologies, and details that elucidate, define and provide justification for the procedures involved in transformation from young, immature to adult and mature status, and functioning…
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The connection between theories and child development at Kindergarten age essay example
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