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Research topic entails the area of interest for the teacher-researcher. The research topic is later converted to a research question that is inherent in the research topic. The question…


They appear different from another angle as the question based on qualitative research design focuses on multiple realities that can be constructed from different sources, unlike the other question that targets valid statistics.
The news outlet shares the results of a study where two groups of teenagers are measured against two variables; tendency to carry weapons and tendency to carry none based on the amount of soft drinks drunk. The study focuses on the effects of nutrition on behavior. The outlet points out that the study does not establish whether soft drinks cause violence. The news outlet does well to focus on the facts realized from the study. It interprets the information right without signs of the misconception.
I am conducting a research to examine females’ attitude towards engineering and the popular stereotype that engineering is a male career. I am concerned about the career choices made by learners based on gender. I plan to conduct interviews that will involve teachers, students, parents and other members of the society.
If you agree to participate, I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire form regarding your dream. Moreover, I would need to know why you chose such careers, how your cultures affect such choices and your opinion on who fits in engineering as a career.
If you do not want to contribute, there will be no consequence involved and your results will not be pretentious. Participation is voluntarily. You can withdraw midway if you want to. Your inconspicuousness will be secured.
The author is concerned with the need to enhance spelling in young elementary children. Spalding instruction is based on a language art strategy that has a number of positive outcomes for the elementary students. It does provide sequential, multisensory guidance in spelling phonics and handwriting. Learners can diligently put points across in ...
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