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Achievement Gap - Essay Example


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Achievement Gap

I believe the achievement gap exists for many reasons. The first reason for this gap is the economic status of these students. Economic status is important in order to provide the recourses for the students. The lack of recourses at home affects students’ performance in a negative manner. Students with families who have access to better economic opportunity are able to obtain resources that help them in advancing their academic performance. The second reason that causes achievement gap is that these students belong to different backgrounds. Students belong to different cultures, beliefs, religions, and heritage.  Students belonging to different backgrounds end up experiencing a difference in their performance in academics. Third, the teacher's sensitivity to others cultures can effect students success in their education. If the teachers are insensitive toward students belonging to different backgrounds, students may not be able to perform well in the classroom. Furthermore, another reason for the gap in achievement is parents’ education.  This means that uneducated parents will not be able to support and reinforce their children’s learning and that will in turn negatively impact students’ classroom-based performance. Finally, I think the rigor in the curriculum is one of the significant reasons. The inappropriate curriculum leads to the achievement gap between students who belong to different ethnicities. The gap between the academic performance of students

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Impact of Quality Preschool Programs on Closing the Racial Achievement Gap
According to the report the all individual are eligible to acquire equal and the highest technical, political, social, cultural, intellectual and economic development. Conceptually, such factors can in no case be formulated as the bases for distinguishing, classifying or ranking of any individual or group of the nation.
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Prejudice: Root Cause of the Achievement Gap
However, academic achievement not only helps in building social life but also helps in boosting self-esteem and overall growth of human being. Hence, as education helps in fulfillment of basic needs of human beings, every human being should get an equal opportunity to utilize all the educational aspects needed to grow and succeed in life.
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Achievement Gap
The rising inequality in the income, being a measure of socioeconomic status, of parents has consequential effects on the education, and ultimately, performance of children. Apparently, there are notable differences in academic performance between students from low and high socioeconomic status families.
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Close the gap in student achievement between Blacks/Latinos and Whites
This is despite the significant gains that blacks and Latinos have made over the past decades as far as academic achievement is concerned. The gap has particularly increased over the last decade making it a policy issue that needs to be taken into consideration.
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Argument essay on achievement gap
This gap is created due to various reasons with socioeconomic and racial factors being ranked as the top most causes. The achievement gap is particularly evident amongst children belonging to the poor socioeconomic groups, children of the minority groups like blacks, children who are learning English language as well as children who have difficulties in reading or memorizing.
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Closing the Racial Achievement Gap in our Schools
According to the report Berkeley High School Diversity Project is the work in which Noguera and Wing got the chance to work. This is where they learnt about the true American dream of making arrangements for students from every corner of the society beyond the biases of races and religions. Berkeley High School plays a symbolic role in the USA.
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The Academic Achievement Gap between Ethnicities in the United States
In the writings by, the achievement gap is described as the persistent difference in terms of performance in educational measures such as standardized or common examinations, rate of college enrollment, and completion rates. Stated that the differences exist between different groups of students mainly categorized by their gender, ethnicity.
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Achievement Gap
mmond (2010), she stated that social equity is an imagination that shall only come into play in ‘utopia’, and this is to say that attaining social equity in all the communities in the World is practically impossible. Darling-Hammond (2010) attributed this comment to the fact
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Students With Disabilities Are Not Meeting the State Mandated Requirements. The Disability Achievement Gap
Therefore, many policies developed to promote the inclusion of children with disabilities in the school system target to ensure that such children access, free primary
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What We Know About the Achievement Gap
There are factors that contribute to the existence of performance Gaps in an organization (Rothstein). However, the management has come up with techniques to reduce the
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belonging to diverse backgrounds will continue to exist as long as strategies are made and implemented to counter the problem.


This paper is a personal statement on the topic of the performance gap between different groups of students. The achievement gap is the difference that exists between different students from different ethnicity…
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Achievement Gap essay example
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