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TESOL vocabulary

TESOL has numerous programs designed for the TESOL students, which help in keeping the attention and interest of the students using TESOL. TESOL uses a unique vocabulary that makes learning more simple. For instance, roots, prefixes and suffixes make up an essential part of a sentence. TESOL works to teach students the meain of words so that TESOO students can understand the meanings of those words as used in different contexts. Vocabulary with regards to the English language comes often with considerable difficulty to learners because of the nature of the phrases used, especially in the case of phrasal verbs as well as prepositions. Prepositions can be used to make compound verbs which may have different or more than one meaning, as taught in TESOL. ...
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TESOL is a programme that guides the teaching of the English language to people who wish to learn English either as a foreign language or as a foreign language. TESOL International Organization runs the TESOL programme…
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