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Education to Children of Illegal Immigrants

The American government should consider the long-term impacts of denying free education to the immigrants. Obviously, most immigrants have hopes of becoming legal citizens of the United States. If the government continuously denies education to its citizens based on their migration status, the country will experience an education gap (Hing, 2004). Education is a major factor in the country’s development, and hence the country should not tolerate illiteracy. Denying education to such children will create long-term economic hardships for the country. Educating children prevents them from engaging in other social evils such as crime, drug abuse, and terrorism. Therefore, the government should provide free education to the children of illegal immigrants to promote their integration into the American society.America has a global obligation that goes beyond its domestic affairs. However, due to economic constraints, America often overlooks its global obligations. America’s involvement in global politics and economics has made the country a key factor in promoting stability and development. Since the end of World War II, the United States has been involved in all conflicts around the world. Most of these conflicts create immigrants, most of whom end up in America. For instance, the Cold War forced many people from former Soviet states to immigrate to America for fear of persecution. Lack of proper immigration policies made most of the immigrants end up in America as illegal immigrants. ...Show more


The author of this essay "Education to Children of Illegal Immigrants" touches upon the issue of free public education for illegal immigrants. It is mentioned that the US has the duty of providing free basic education to all its citizens. …
Author : genevieveheathc
Education to Children of Illegal Immigrants essay example
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