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How important is it that education is immediately and obviously relevant to the interests of the pupils and to life in society - Essay Example

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How important is it that education is immediately and obviously relevant to the interests of the pupils and to life in society

Another education act was passed in 1944; it administered the creation of the Ministry of education, which in turn established compulsory and free secondary school education. The essay discusses how education is important and its relevance to the pupils and the society in the United Kingdom.
The types of schools clearly show how education is important in the United Kingdom. Most of the most famous schools in the United Kingdom are the private boarding schools, for instance, the Winchester School. The famous private schools were founded in the middle ages and parents need to pay a lot of fees for their children to study in such schools (Arthur 2010, p. 82). Although, the schools are considered for the influential and rich families; they also offer scholarships for the gifted but poor children. Private schools that take children between the age of 7 and 13 are referred to as kindergartens. On the other hand, those that take children between the age of 11 and 19 are referred to as public schools. Research shows that only 7 per cent of the United Kingdom attends the private schools (O’Hear&Sidwell 2009, p. 34).
The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) is given at age 16. If the student qualifies, he or she proceeds to the Advanced level of education commonly referred to as the “A” levels. Some of the students can be advised to stay in school up to age 18 to prepare themselves for higher education. The United Kingdom has 90 universities which the students can enrol. They are divided into several categories. The common universities are the University of Cambridge and University of Oxford (Bubb 2009, p. 56).
Apart from the universities, students can also enrol in advanced education. The advanced education mainly focuses on applied technology and sciences, and they are polytechnics (Wright 2010, p.78). The polytechnic focuses on people who may not have qualified to go to ...Show more


The development of the society highly depends on the level of education. The high level of professionalism and skilled force will make a nation develop fast. There are different education act that were…
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How important is it that education is immediately and obviously relevant to the interests of the pupils and to life in society essay example
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