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Brain based learning

As such, various researches have been conducted over the years in relation to this method of teaching. One of them dealt with finding the correlation between the use of the brain-based learning and the learning process and the the effect on the students confidence (Politano & Paquin, 2000).
As earlier mentioned, the topic of brain-based learning has seen various researches and one of the areas has touched on the students’ learning process. As such, the research on the teaching method has focussed on how the brain functions in enabling the students to learn new concepts and skills over a given period and exposure. For example, the concept of neuroplasticity, an area researched under the brain-based learning, shows that there exist neural connections in a brain that are capable of remapping and reorganizing themselves the moment a person is exposed to new things to learn or new experiences. It has also been found that the learning process of a person is dependent on the brain’s capacity to handle various activities at a go. Additionally, research on the brain-based learning explains that the same type of information is likely to be stored in various parts of the brain. As such, the brain-based learning depends on the emotional state of the learner during the learning process, which can be facilitated by factors such as diet, stress and exercise among other conditions. For this, it is evident that the use of brain-based learning technique highly enhances the learning process of the students (Politano & Paquin, 2000, p. 123).
In regard to the confidence, brain-based learning has been found to be efficient in reducing anxiety in learners who are struggling with activities such as reading, pronunciation or any other learning-related activities. As such, tutors can use this technique to seek the right opportunities that can be used to emphasize the ability of the learner towards the achievement of the brain that they would want. Brain-based learning may also ...Show more


This method puts into consideration factors such as the cognitive development aspects that encompass different learning patterns in…
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Brain based learning essay example
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